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  • What is inFINity?
    inFINity is an intensive 6-week hybrid (in-person plus virtual) accelerator to empower and leapfrog early-stage FinTech startups. This is a zero-equity program where you will get access to top industry leaders who would be committed to turbo-boost your journey and see you succeed.
  • Who is encouraged to apply?
    Early-stage FinTech startups which :- Seek Seed to Series-A funding Have already developed an MVP Have raised under $5M
  • Who is an ideal candidate for inFINity?
    If you meet all three eligibility criteria and are committing your time for the duration of the accelerator, including the 3-day in-person bootcamp in Bengaluru and the virtual sessions, then you are an ideal candidate for this accelerator.
  • Is this a full-time commitment?
    inFINity 2023 consists of three main components, and to derive maximum benefit for your startup, the founders should commit to all three: Preferably all, but at least one of the co-founders would be required to be present for the in-person bootcamp in Bengaluru from 31st Aug, to 2nd Sep, 2023. Post the bootcamp, your active participation will be required for 4 weeks of virtual sessions (maximum 4 hours per week) on various technology and business mentorship sessions. The co-founders would be required to be actively present for a minimum of 80% of the virtual sessions. During the four weeks, you can avail one-on-one sessions with AWS experts, PayU and Chiratae Ventures for personalized advice on your startup’s technology stack, GTM and pitch deck. If the co-founders do not have sufficient bandwidth to commit to this schedule, then we would advise applying for the next cohort of inFINity instead when you might have better availability. The inFINity team strongly respects and appreciates the various mentors who are volunteering their time and effort towards this initiative, and we would expect the selected startups to adhere to the attendance guidelines.
  • Is there any participation fees associated with inFINity?
    No, inFINity does not charge any monetary, or equity fee, for that matter.
  • Do I need to relocate to attend inFINity?
    You don’t need to relocate to participate in inFINity. There will be an in-person bootcamp in Bengaluru from 31st Aug to 2nd Sep, 2023 and all the co-founders would be expected to be present for this. The other sessions would be held virtually and you can attend them from any part of the world.
  • What are the timelines for inFINity 2023?
  • Is the accelerator virtual or in-person?
    inFINity has a hybrid format. It will kick off with a 3-day offline bootcamp, with in-person sessions from FinTech leaders. This will then be followed by virtual mentor sessions and office hours with AWS, Chiratae Ventures, and PayU.
  • What is the time commitment?
    The schedule of inFINity implies a mandatory commitment of approximately 40 hours, which include the bootcamp and virtual mentor sessions. You will have the flexibility to choose the office hours you would like to attend. Here is a breakdown of the time commitment: In-person bootcamp: 30 hours Virtual mentor sessions: 8 hours (Optional) Office hours: 3 hours (Fundraising – 0.5 hours, GTM – 1 hour, Technology – 1.5 hours)
  • What information do I need to submit in my application?
    We require basic details such as team, business, product and funding information to apply for inFINity. You can check out the form here.
  • Will inFINity cost me equity in my company?
    No, this is a zero-equity program.
  • What can I expect to achieve after inFINity?
    inFINity will provide resources for the startup to improve its tech infrastructure, GTM strategy and funding readiness via access to seasoned technology, business and investment mentors respectively. Additionally, select startups from the 2023 cohort will get an opportunity to increase their distribution via the PayU network, and/or present directly to the Investment Committee of Chiratae Ventures.
  • What happens after inFINity is over?
    inFINity offers access to a community of founders of your cohort, and mentors, with whom you can interact, learn from and also contribute to their success. This would assist you to do what you do best – BUILD. We would expect some of you to come back and be mentors for the next edition of inFINity.
  • Will inFINity see any involvement by other VCs/ Funds going forward?
    inFINity is designed to turbo-boost your journey by offering you access to mentors to crystallize and refine your business plans. We also aspire to present select startups to Chiratae Ventures’ Investment Committee. Further, a virtual showcase is planned (likely in November, 2023) where your refined pitch decks would be available to a community of angels, micro-VCs and VCs.
  • I don’t meet the eligibility criteria but would still like to attend the sessions, can I apply?
    Thank you for considering inFINity, but unfortunately, we would not be able to accommodate your request as the accelerator is designed for startups that meet the listed criteria. Once the sessions are over, we would be uploading select content on the inFINity website for everyone’s benefit.
  • Will inFINity pay for my travel expenses?
    No, the founders would be expected to take care of their own travel and accommodation during the bootcamp days.
  • How can I reachout to inFINity team?
    Email us on and we'll get back to you.
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